Your Wedding Season Gift-Giving Guide

Summertime isn’t just about the warm weather, school break, the beach, and cocktails by the pool. It’s also the most popular season for weddings. Odds are, you’ve gotten at least an invitation or two for a wedding, bridal shower, or bachelorette party of some kind. And while many couples register for their gifts, sometimes it’s more fun to get something more unique, which means going “off registry.”

Here are some ideas for every type of wedding season event:

Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas

How about a Margherita or daiquiri gift basket idea? Just fill a pretty basket full of all the ingredients needed to make the bride-to-be’s favorite beverage, along with martini glasses. Consider throwing a few snacks to go along with it too!

Or how about some champagne and truffles? Not only can she enjoy the treats, but she just might be generous enough to share it with her bridal party and friends too!

Engagement Party Gift Ideas

Champagne would also make a great gift idea for the couple at their engagement party. Since it’s a special occasion, you may want to consider splurging a little by going for something a little more upscale, such as a bottle of Dom Perignon.

You can also get the couple a gift card to a romantic Italian restaurant where they can enjoy a delicious authentic European meal together, and even a glass or two of wine.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

The bride-to-be might be a little stressed out in the weeks and days leading up to her wedding. As such, you might want to gift her with a gift certificate to a day spa. Or else, bring the spa home to her by buying her a spa-inspired gift basket filled with bath oils, lotions, exfoliating pads and scented candles!

Wedding Gift Ideas

On the big day itself, you can help the new couple fill their kitchen cupboards with a state-of-the-art cooking set. Or else, a cutting-edge knife set also works, as do dish sets and even kitchen utensils.

Or else, you can help fill their bathroom or bedroom with goodies and essentials like bath towels, bed sheets, and even a duvet and cover.

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