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Starbucks Coffee

For Delivery residential addresses, our delivery drivers will knock on the front door or ring the doorbell, then place Gift Baskets by the foot of the door maintaining a safe social distance from the recipient. There will be no contact between drivers and recipients.
For Delivery apartment buildings, the Driver will leave Gift Baskets with the concierge. If there is no concierge or concierge refusing to accept, we will contact the recipient and have the recipient come down while we wait. Gift Basket will then be placed on the ground in the lobby or vestibule. To keep our delivery team as safe as possible, we will not allow them to enter a building and go up to any floor using the elevators, stairwell, or common walkway.
For Office deliveries, Gift Basket will drop at the main reception.
We will not return to an address unless time arranges to accept Gift Basket.
No deliveries to hospitals.
No deliveries to nursing homes, retirement homes, or similar long term care facilities.
No deliveries to medical offices or clinics.
Please note place orders either online or by phone at 416-544-8978 or 1-888-544-8978

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