Privacy Policy

As earlier mentioned your privacy is out top priority. We value it and have put in place mechanisms to protect it. Any information you provide may and will only be used lawfully by us according to the relevant laws that are in place.

Here are the specific details of the type of information we collect, what information and data we avail to you, how you can instruct us regarding the information you provide us with, our data collection methods and techniques and how exactly we maintain your privacy.

Information collection and use

For the forms we use, we collect:

  1. Sender’s Details (email and physical address, phone number, etc.)
  2. Recipient’s Details (phone number, address etc.)

Once this intricate payment process is completed, we delete all the details we have used to fill in the form. No third parties gain access to the information you provide us with. Our main reason for asking for the recipient’s personal information is simply to ensure accurate and timely delivery. The information concerning the recipient is also not accessible to third parties.

Our website uses temporary cookies that stay in file till you exit the site. No one can therefore identify you using them. You may disable the cookies at any time without affecting your visit or your transaction process.

Information Storage

All the payment information you provide to Canada’s Gift Baskets is encrypted for security. We are a company that prides itself on offering dynamic client centered service. This is the reason why would like to hear from you regarding our site and security policies. Send us your comments, compliments, complaints and any other issues that you consider important. For queries and comments, please email us at: [email protected]