Kaloo Plush Toys

Bears awaken a warm and emotional connection in toddlers, and Patapouf, Kaloo’s first soft and lovable creation, is where the brand’s story begins. Since 1998, it has added scent to its offerings, introduced snugly new materials, stood in solidarity with important social causes and expanded its roster of the companions... View Article

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Yummy Summer Watermelon Recipes to Enjoy

With the temperature rising as we near closer and closer to the summer, our palettes increasingly crave something delicious and refreshing. And watermelon certainly fits the bill! But in addition to your traditional sliced watermelon, why not put a spin on this classic summer fruit with one of the following... View Article

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Send Anniversary Gifts Worthy of Praise!

Whether it’s your parents, friends, in-laws, or the neighbours, anyone with an anniversary coming up should be celebrated. While the day itself is really meant for the couple to celebrate privately together to share in their memories throughout the years, it’s wonderful to recognize the importance of the occasion and... View Article

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