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Tips for Finding the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Does Dad really want another tie or pair of socks for Father’s Day? Probably not. And considering how hard-working he is, he deserves something a little more unique than a grilling apron on his special day. But sometimes coming up with the perfect Father’s Day gift can be a bit of a chore.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up these tips to help you make the right choice this year.

1. Tickle His Fancy

Everyone’s got their quirky likes and fantasies, including Dad. So why not let him indulge in them a little this Father’s Day? Whether he’s a die-hard superhero fan or enjoys watching episode after episode of Seinfeld, use this holiday to celebrate even the odd things that make him who he is. Take him to an upcoming Comic-Con festival or buy him a DVD set of his favourite show.

2. Get His Adrenaline Going

Sometimes a little rush of adrenaline can be just what Dad needs to make him feel young again. Why not consider sending him on a mud run or to a crossfit class? Even a few trampoline classes might do the trick. You never know – he just might enjoy it so much that he picks up a new past-time! And if you go along with him, you can keep the bonding lasting all year long.

3. Tap Into a Subscription Service

Look into a monthly subscription service that he’ll enjoy – and it doesn’t have to be a magazine. There are even subscription services for things like beer and wine, that comes delivered straight to your Dad’s door. You can even consider food products, like artisan foods or organic products that will tempt his palate.

4. Make an Event Out of it

Dads love special events with their families, so why not give him tickets to a sporting event or show. By tagging along with him, you can turn it into a gift and quality time together.

5. Go the Classic Route

If your Dad is more of the practical type of guy, consider getting him something that’s a little more classic in nature, such as a gift basket filled with the goodies he loves. There are all sorts of Father’s Day gift baskets available that have different themes. Perhaps he enjoys wine or beer, or loves his gourmet cheese. Whatever his likes are, you can find the right gift basket tailored to his tastes. has a huge selection of gift baskets to choose from to make gift giving this Father’s Day as easy as pie. With our vast online showroom and easy check-out system, ordering a gift for your Dad has never been easier!

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