It’s Not Too Soon to Think About Father’s Day!

With the snow melted, and the flowers blooming, summer feels like it’s just around the corner. And with each passing day we approach new occasions. Valentine’s Day has passed, and so has Easter. No we look forward to celebrating a special day with the special women in our lives – our Moms! Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means you should have already at least thought of what you’re going to get her.

And while you’re at it, why not start thinking about what you’re going to get good ol’ Dad for Father’s Day! May is already upon us, and June is just a few short weeks away. It’s not too early to start thinking about what to get your Dad on his special day!

Gift Baskets – the Perfect Gift for Dad!

Why not a Father’s Day gift basket? At, we have all sorts of gift baskets that are geared for the man in your life. And don’t worry about having to settle for spa gift baskets or those filled with truffles and other girlie things. Dad will love a gift basket that’s filled with things he’ll love, like cheeses, coffee, and even beer and wine!

So Many Gift Basket Ideas to Choose From!

Try out any one of these amazing gift baskets for your Dad for Father’s Day!

Our “Wine & Chocolate” gift basket is filled with goodies including red wine imported from Italy and a variety of chocolates from World’s Finest, Guylain and Maxfield’s, and all of them come in a gorgeous oval gold basket!

If Dad isn’t into wine, perhaps he likes to enjoy a beer on a hot summer afternoon. Our “Beer Basket” comes filled with a can each of Sappora and Groelsh beer, snack mix, biscotti and wafers, all of which comes in a metal beer basket How appropriate!

If you’d rather steer clear of alcohol, consider our “Gourmet Cheese Extravaganza”, which is loaded with delightful items like deluxe cheeses. Pair these delectable cheeses with crackers, olives and nuts that are all included and come in an attractive wicker basket.

Whatever tastes your Dad has, he’ll be sure to enjoy any one of our fabulous gift baskets. And why do you even have to wait for Father’s Day to express your love and gratitude for your Dad? Why not send him – or anyone else in your life – a “just because” gift basket! Every day should be celebrated – why not do it with a gift basket! – Gift Baskets for Every Occasion!

To order your gift basket, simply browse our online showroom at, and order the perfect gift basket! We ship everywhere in Canada for FREE, so why not take advantage and let us do the delivering for you!

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