Kaloo Plush Toys

Bears awaken a warm and emotional connection in toddlers, and Patapouf, Kaloo’s first soft and lovable creation, is where the brand’s story begins. Since 1998, it has added scent to its offerings, introduced snugly new materials, stood in solidarity with important social causes and expanded its roster of the companions it offers children in baby gift baskets.

Adorable animals are fit additions for both baby girl gift baskets and those for boys, too, but Kaloo microfiber makes them even more special. Its softness respects the sensitive skin of toddlers, and babies find its tenderness welcoming. The high-tech materials offer excellent quality and warmth, and they prize the wellbeing and safety of babies.

Baby girl fit baskets or those for boys are more complete with variety, and your choices are far from narrow. Your baby can make friends with a lovable plush bear or they can rub their smooth skin against a soft and huggable fox. There are bunnies, dolls, lambs and other great options apart from those. The variety goes for the colors as well, with a rainbow-wide range available for you to make a selection from. Clothing accessories and cozy comforters are also there for young ones to enjoy, meaning baby gift sets have plenty to adore.

To give a baby the delight of furry and soft friends and toys, visit www.canadasgiftbaskets.ca and pick from the plentiful range.

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