Gift Wrapping Tips Like the Pros Do

Not only is the gift itself important, but the presentation is also key. You could be giving a fabulous present, but if you do a sloppy job wrapping it, you’ll take away from its appeal. Consider these tips to make your gifts look like they were wrapped by a pro instead of a 6-year-old.

1. Put Your Gift Into Something That Can Be Easily Wrapped

Have you ever tried to wrap a box that’s got tons of awkward corners and angles? The gift usually ends up looking like a crumpled up piece of paper instead of a gift. When you’re wrapping a gift for your friend or family member, be sure to place it in a simple container that can be easily wrapped. Anything that’s oddly-shaped should be placed in a rectangular or square box for easy wrapping, which will help make the end product look like a pro had his hand in it.

2. Wrap When the Gift is Upside Down

A good tip when wrapping is to place the item upside down – this way the wrapping paper will overlap on the underside of the present. While this is a little detail that many people might not even notice, it’ll surely make the final result look like it was wrapped by an expert.

3. Understand That Corners Are the Toughest Part

When you’re wrapping a box, it’s the corners that can really wreak havoc on the final wrapping product. Make sure you allow for about 2 extra inches on each side of the box in order to totally wrap the present without having to use all sorts of paper.

4. Cover Up Your Mistakes With Bows and Tags

No one’s perfect, not even professional wrappers. If you’ve found that you’ve made a couple of mistakes here and there, there’s no need to fret. Instead, you can be savvy and use things like tags, bows, ribbon and decorative tape to hide any errors you might have made during the wrapping process.

5. Use Thicker Wrapping Paper

Nothing is more annoying than your wrapping paper easily tearing while wrapping, especially at corners. The thinner the wrapping paper, the easier and faster it will rip. Thicker paper is the way to go. Sure, it’s little pricier, but it’ll be a lot easier to wrap, and will look much prettier once you’re done. So skip the dollar store stuff and go for the higher quality paper.

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