Is It Your Friend’s Birthday? Here Are Some Gift Ideas

Turning 21 is a big deal, and should be celebrated as such. If your friend is turning the big 2 – 1, you absolutely need to come up some some great gift ideas to help mark the occasion. Here are some ideas:

1. Painted Wine Glasses

Of course, turning 21 will almost inevitably involve some level of drinking. After all, your friend is now legally eligible to ingest an alcoholic beverage (though realistically this probably isn’t her first time!). A great gift idea is to give painted wine glasses in a cute and fun way to celebrate your friend finally being able to order a beer without having to get her older sister to do it for her.

2. Beer of the Month Club

Speaking of alcohol, a great gift for a 21st birthday is a beer of the month club, where your friend will get a different type of beer every month. It would be a great idea to get this for the whole year that she is officially 21, helping her appreciate every month with a different beer.

3. Bar Tour

While not exactly a gift per se, a bar tour is still a great idea to give to your friend for her birthday. She can finally get into bars and drink legally without needing a fake ID, so why not take her to all of the awesome bars around town?

4. Scrapbook

Whether you’ve been friends since kindergarten, or just became close in the last year of high school, you probably still have enough photos to create an entire scrapbook dedicated to your special friendship. A scrapbook makes a wonderful gift, regardless of how old your friend is turning. What better way to celebrate the new age of 21 than with a scrapbook filled with memories? Whether you include embarrassing pics or tear-jerking ones, this makes a wonderful gift idea.

5. Spa Gift Basket

What girl wouldn’t want to be pampered with bath salts, scented candles, pedicure buffers and essential oils? Bring the spa home to her by giving her a wonderful gift basket filled with all the things you’d find at a luxurious spa. She’ll definitely feel like a princess on her special day!

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