Food Gift-Giving Tips For Those on a Special Diet

A lot of people have some sort of specialty diet. Whether it’s for health reasons, or ethical reasons, different diets come with certain restrictions. This can be a bit of challenge when it comes to giving food gifts. With so many restrictions, it helps to understand the different types of specialty diets and restrictions, and the alternative product options you can give instead.


It seems that more and more people are jumping on the vegan bandwagon these days. Whether it’s for political or ethical reasons, or simply because of a food intolerance for meats and anything that comes from an animal, vegan diets can prove to be pretty challenging. Absolutely NO products from animals can be consumed. That includes milk, eggs, and even honey!

If you’re looking to give the perfect food gift to a vegan friend, make sure you look really close and hard at the ingredients listed on the side of the package. Items like Mary’s Gone Crackers organic cookies or Bearded Brothers organic and raw energy bars are both delicious and meet all these strict criteria.


Many people have an intolerance to gluten, or have what’s called Celiac’s disease. For this reason, they need to make sure this protein that’s found in wheat is absent from their diets.

Grocery stores are becoming increasingly aware of the issue that many people have with gluten, and as such, they are offering more and more choices for gluten-free products. Make sure to read the label for any gluten-free product to make sure it wasn’t processed in a facility that deals with wheat.


Lactose causes a lot of abdominal and intestinal discomfort in people who are intolerant to this ingredient. Much like gluten, grocery stores are aware of this problem, and are stocking their shelves with lactose-free products. Ice cream, milk, and yogurt can come in lactose-free versions.

Brands like Yoplait, GoVeggie!, Breyer’s and even Kozy Shack make lactose-free versions of products, which can make for great food gifts for your lactose-intolerant friends. Just keep in mind that dairy-free products are not the same thing as lactose-free. Since lactose is only one element of dairy, a food can be free of lactose but still have other dairy components.

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