Father’s Day Gifts Ideas for 2016

It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Mother’s Day. Now with June upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how we will be showing our appreciation to all the fathers in our lives.

But what can you possibly give Dad that will show him how much he means to you? If you’re stumped on father’s day gift ideas, here are a few to get your creative juices going.

A Book on His Life

These days it’s easy to create your very own photo album with all the online resources out there, which are all very easy to use. Even Walmart and Costco Photo Centres offer these types of services. Simply go through all your photos of you and Dad, scan them, then put them together along with captions. Once you’re done, the service you used will print it and ship to out to you. Your Dad will absolutely love it!

Outdoor Lounge Chair

What person doesn’t love to chill out and enjoy the outdoors in the summer time? To help your Dad get some much-deserved R&R, get him an outdoor lounge chair, recliner, or even a hammock that he can rest on while enjoying his favourite beverage and Mother Nature.

Lawn Maintenance For the Season

If your Dad has a lot of property to take care of, you can help him take a load off and hire a lawn maintenance company to tackle that big job for him. Even weekly lawn mowing will be the perfect way to save hm some time so he can spend it with his kids instead!

Gift Baskets

You absolutely cannot go wrong with a Father’s Day gift basket. Depending on your Dad’s specific tastes, you can choose from all sorts of different themes. Whether he likes beer, wine, champagne, or treats to enjoy while watching the game, CanadasGiftBaskets.ca has exactly what you’re looking for. While you want to get your gift early on so you’re not rushing, we can still ship out your gift basket no matter where you’re located in a couple of days so you’re not late!

Go online and visit CanadasGiftBaskets.ca today!

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