Creative Christmas Tree Themes to Try this Year

Who says that you have to decorate your Christmas tree the same way every year, and keep it as neutral as possible? There are ton of themes that you could consider adorning your tree with to spice things up a bit and do something a little different this year. Consider the following creative Christmas themes for this holiday season.

Nostalgic Memories Christmas Tree

Many families pass their beloved and classic Christmas tree ornaments from generation to generation. Spend some time pulling out some of your oldest ornaments, and even collect some from your parents or aunts and uncles. Add ornaments from your grandparents, and other family members, and make a day out of decorating the tree one ornament at a time as you reflect on what each of them means.

Family Photo Christmas Tree

The Christmas holidays are all about family, aren’t they? So why not cover your tree with photos you’ve collected over the years spending the holidays together? You could print them in colour, or even in sepia or black and white to do something a little more creative. Get the kids to help by creating decorative borders for each photo, then attach a string loop for you to hang them on the tree. You and your family will be spending a lot of time gathered around the tree looking back at Christmases past!

Fun-For-the-Kids Christmas Tree

Let the kids go nuts creating their own decorations, and use them to adorn your tree. Whether they make hand-made styrofoam ball ornaments, paper loop garlands, popcorn strings, or paper mache stars, use these precious little treasures to decorate your tree with. They’ll most likely be coming home from school with a hand-made project or two – put it right on the tree for everyone to admire.

White-on-White Christmas Tree

This might be a little bit retro, but white-on-white Christmas trees have certainly made a comeback in the past couple of years! If you can swing it, find yourself an artificial white Christmas tree, and gather all ornaments and garland in either white or silver. If you’re a bit hesitant about this major statement, consider going a little more subtle with the tree and ornaments, and get something smaller that can be used as entryway or table decor instead.

Jewel Tone Christmas Tree

Jewel tones – such as emerald green and magenta purple – can create a Christmas tree that’s bold yet serene at the same time. Mix it up with a little bit of silver to add more sparkle while not overdoing it with various colours. The result will be a marvellous, stylish tree that shines quietly yet brightly.

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