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6 Housewarming Gift Ideas

So your friend has just moved into her new home, and has invited you over for a housewarming party. Great! Now what are you supposed to bring as a token of congratulations? Here are 6 ideas to churn your wheels of imagination.

A Plant

There’s no better way to infuse colour and nature in a new home than with a plant. And the best part is, there’s no way your recipient won’t love it: everyone loves plants. You can choose to buy one that fits within your budget so you can spend whatever your bank account permits. Perhaps you may choose a type of plant that doesn’t require daily watering, just in case the new home owner doesn’t necessarily have a green thumb.

Photo Frames

Your friend is obviously going to want to start personalizing and decorating their new home, and part of this decor process will most likely involve hanging or placing photos all around the home. Providing them with frames is the perfect way to help speed up their process of making their new house feel more like a home.

Step Ladder

This might sound like an odd gift to give, but your friend will quickly realize how useful it will be in places like the kitchen or garage. Rather than your friend having to constantly drag the dining room chair in order to reach items on top shelves, having a step ladder handy will make the whole process much more practical and convenient.


Get your friend a stack of new towels, ranging in size. From face towels, to hand towels, to oversized bath towels, your friend swill certainly appreciate having brand new towels to add to their arsenal of home products.

Wine Rack

Whether you choose to go big or small on this is totally up to you. Perhaps your friend will appreciate something on the large side that they can keep in their cold cellar or on the floor beside their kitchen counter. Or perhaps they’d prefer something that is counter mounted for easy access to their daily wine. Either way, they make great housewarming gifts.

Gift Basket

To simplify the gift giving process, why not consider presenting your friend with a lovely gift basket filled with all the things they love? From wine, to cheese, to chocolate and coffee, gift baskets can be the ideal housewarming present. And at, we make the selection and delivery process as easy as pie. Simply go online at, select the basket of your liking, then have it delivered to your destination within a coupe of days. It’s really as easy as that!

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