5 Sweet Treats to Bring to Your Next Wedding Shower

If you’re planning on bringing some sweet treats to a bridal shower, consider bringing something that’s a little outside of the box. Anyone can bring generic cookies or cakes to a shower to complement a gift, but adding a little extra pizzazz can really make the bride-to-be feel special.

Here are some fun sweet treats to bring to your next bridal shower.


Who doesn’t love a moist cupcake? And these days, cupcakes are the trendiest treat on the block. The great thing about cupcakes is that any type of cake or muffin recipe can be used to make them. Then just top them off with cupcake-decorating that goes with the theme of the shower or wedding.

Cake Pops

These delectable little treats aren’t just tasty – they look pretty too! They’re like little donut holes tastefully decorated and on a stick for easy munching. You can make them any colour you want, dip them in icing, and even wrap them in a bow. Make a few and bunch them together to make it look like a bouquet!

Traditional Mediterranean Wedding Cookies

The bride-to-be doesn’t necessarily have to have European roots to appreciate these ethnic cookies that are a tradition at weddings. A number of countries might have there own version of these types of cookies, but one thing remains constant – they’re delicious! Whether you choose the Italian, Greek, Portuguese, or any other version, these traditional wedding cookies be sure to be a hit!

Sugar Cookies

Whether you serve them plain or decorated, sugar cookies are a wonderful treat to bring to any bridal shower. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can decorate them in any way you see fit, and even shape them with cookie cutters to give them that extra something special. Ice them with vanilla icing, top them with candy sprinkles, and you’ve got a pretty, tasty treat!


If you walk in to a bridal shower carrying homemade lollipops, the bride-to-be and all her guests will be highly impressed. The only things you need are a candy thermometer, a lollipop mold, sticks, and food colouring to go with the wedding colour scheme.

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