5 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Mother’s Day is comping up. Have you given any thought to what you’d like to give to your Mom?

She might tell you that all she wants is to spend quality time with you, but deep down she’d like to be showered with a gift that you’ve put a lot of thought into.

If you’re stumped as to what to give your dear Mom on Mother’s Day, here are 5 ideas to spark your imagination.

1. A Day at the Spa

This might not be a new idea for a gift, but trust me – EVERY woman loves to be pampered with a massage, facial, mani-pedi, and any other treatment that spas offer. You can choose the type of package that you want to get based on your budget. There are full-day and half-day packages that can cram all sorts of relaxing treatments for her. Or else, even a simple manicure-pedicure gift certificate will make her happy!

2. A Day Off From Housework

OK, so how exactly do you go about wrapping up a clean house in a pretty box and putting a bow on it? Simple. You can easily surprise Mom with a clean house by hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and get your Mom’s home spic and span in time for Mother’s Day. There are plenty of companies such as these that offer gifts for one-day visits. They’re affordable, and they’ll certainly put a smile on your Mom’s face when she realizes she doesn’t have to ruin that manicure you bought her to scrub the floors.

3. A Gift Basket

Get your Mom a wonderful gift basket just for her. You can tailor it to her likes. Does she love coffee? Is she obsessed with chocolate? Does she enjoy her tea? Gift baskets are a great way to give tailored gifts that are filled with all the little goodies she loves. Make the baskets as big or small as your budget can handle.

4. A Personalized Necklace

If you’ve been paying attention to the necklines of celebrity moms lately, you would have noticed that they are draping their necks with chains that feature their kids’ names, initials, birthdays, or birthstones. It’s become a huge trend. And guess what? Your Mom will love it too.

5. A Surprise Family Portrait

Whether your family portrait was done when you were in the first grade, or you’ve simply never had one done at all, Mom will absolutely turn on the waterworks when she is surprised with a day at the photographer’s studio to finally get that family photo she’s always wanted.

The Bottom Line

No matter what Mother’s Day gift you decide to give your Mom, make it as personalized as possible. It’s all in the details, as well as the effort put into the gift-giving that really counts.

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