4 Tips to Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Did you know that there is a very specific way to create the perfect cup of tea? Well there is. Just ask anyone who is an avid tea drinker.

To make the perfect cup of tea, follow these rules.

1. Don’t Leave the Kettle Alone When the Water is Boiling

Don’t turn the kettle on then leave the kitchen. The reason is that you need to wait for the “ticking noise”, which is about six seconds after the kettle is done. When it goes off, wait a moment so it is over-boiled. Then it is ready.

2. Don’t Brew the Tea For Less Than 3 Minutes

Brewing for less than 3 minutes will make the tea weak, and won’t allow the full flavour of the tea to come out. It’s also important not to leave the tea bag unattended when you’re waiting for the flavours to seep into the hot water. But that doesn’t mean you should fiddle around with the bag – leave it alone and resist the temptation to squeeze, dip or wring it.

3. Don’t Put the Sugar Teaspoon in the Cup

The reason is simple: you don’t want to contaminate the sugar. Whatever teaspoon you’re using to scoop the sugar should not be used to stir the tea. Dump the sugar in, then return the teaspoon to the sugar bowl. Get yourself another teaspoon to stir the sugar into your cup of tea.

4. Never Pour the Milk Into the Cup Before the Water/Tea

This is because the tea will never get to the tea colour you want. Instead, it will just stay a milk colour. The only way you could ever rectify this scenario is if you dump it out and pour yourself a new cup of tea. That’s a lot of waste for nothing. – Offering a Myriad of Tea-Filled Gift Baskets For the Gift Recipient on Your List

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