Welcome Home Girl Kaloo


This Kaloo girl basket includes:

Tendertyme 100% Cotton Onesie

Tendertyme 100% Cotton Onesie

Fleece Pink Blanket

Pink Receiving Blanket

Kaloo Pink Bunny

Lulujo Butterfly Swaddle

Lulujo Face cloths

Elephant Crinkle Teether

Delivered in a wicker basket, wrapped in cellophane with a bow.


The “Welcome Home Girl Kaloo” gift basket from Canada’s Gift Baskets, now
offered at $150.99, is a beautifully crafted collection perfect for celebrating the
arrival of a baby girl. This elegant set includes:
Two Tendertyme 100% Cotton Onesies: These soft, breathable onesies are ideal for daily wear,
ensuring the baby’s comfort.
Fleece PinkBlanket & PinkReceiving Blanket: A duo of blankets that offer warmth and softness. The
fleece blanket provides cozy comfort, while the receiving blanket is perfect for swaddling.
Kaloo PinkBunny: An adorable and plush bunny toy from Kaloo, perfect for cuddles and sensory play.
Lulujo Butterfly Swaddle: A high-quality swaddle featuring a lovely butterfly design, soft and gentle
for wrapping the baby.
Lulujo Face Cloths: Soft face cloths, ideal for gentle cleaning and bath time.
Elephant Crinkle Teether: A fun and engaging teether that soothes gums and stimulates sensory
Each item is thoughtfully selected to provide comfort, care, and entertainment for a newborn girl. The
entire collection is presented in a charming wicker basket, elegantly wrapped in cellophane with a bow,
making it a ready-to-give gift for baby showers, birthdays, or as a welcome home present. The “Welcome
Home Girl Kaloo” basket is a blend of practicality and luxury, a perfect way to celebrate a new life and
support new parents.