Which foods are great to pair with cheese

Here are foods to pair your cheese that go well with for the most delectable treat!

First -Both dried and fresh fruits, as well as nuts are the traditional cheese “condiments” that the majority of people most likely would pair together. That includes Nuts, Fruits and Figs

Second Honey-There are many honeys on the market that are infused with flavors like orange, pear, and eucalyptus, and go really well with many types of cheeses. Honey is the perfect complement to many types of cheeses, both strong and mild. Try it with blue cheese, as well as with fresh goat cheese.

Third Jams, jellies and conserves – infused with garlic, horseradish, onion and tomato – are wonderful with cheeses of all sorts. Try accompanying brie, camembert, gouda, and mild Swiss cheeses with all flavors of jams and jellies.

Forth Chutneys=Look for fruit-based chutneys when combining them with cheeses. Chutneys are mixed with fruit and spices, and have a texture that varies from a ketchup to a salsa. Accompany your chutney of choice with creamy cheeses, fontina or mild Swiss cheeses. Tomato chutney goes really well with sharp cheddar cheeses.

At last Aged Balsamic Vinegar-Authentic balsamic vinegar comes are from Italy and is authenticated by the consortium. Real aged balsamic vinegar comes from a similar aging process to wines – the higher the quality, the thicker and more palatable it is. Drizzle it over thinly sliced cheese so you don’t overpower the cheese flavor.

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