What’s the History Behind St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations?

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on March 17th this year, so now’s the time to start gearing up for this festive day and celebrate the Feast of St. Patrick in style.

But where exactly did this day of festivities come from? How did it start? And who exactly was this infamous and iconic St. Patrick?

This particular day honours Saint Patrick, and Christianity as a whole in Ireland. It’s also the celebration of the Irish culture and heritage where people wear green clothing and attend festivals and parades in his honour.

St. Patrick’s Day is a Roman Catholic feast day to mark that death of the patron saint, who died on March 17, 461, which is why we celebrate his existence and role in spreading Christianity across the world on this same day each year.

But perhaps you didn’t know that the Saint wasn’t even Irish!

In fact, he was Roman British, and was brought into Ireland after being kidnapped into slavery. After escaping to a monastery in France, he ended up finding the Lord and converting to Christianity. He then went back to Ireland in 432 as a missionary, and abolished the pagan rites of the Druids at Tara, which inevitably made Christianity much more widespread.

St. Patrick later became a bishop and was named a Saint after his death. Since then, the Irish – as well as Christians all over the world – celebrate the existence of St. Patrick and his hand at spreading Christianity by marking March 17th every year with elaborate festivities and parades. On this day, alcohol rules are basically lifted, which is why it’s typical to see party goers enjoying a pint or two of “green beer.”

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in North America

Here in Canada and the US, it’s customary to mark March 17th with green attire, green alcoholic beverages, and parties where friends and family gather to enjoy the festivities of the day. If you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day party, or are attending one yourself, it’s customary to offer parting gifts, or shower the party host with a gift as well.

While there are plenty of gift ideas that you may want to consider in this situation, perhaps the most appropriate and appreciated gift would be in the form of a St. Patrick’s Day gift basket! Filled with goodies like beer, wine and tasty treats, a gift basket is the perfect present to bring to the host of the party.

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