Top 5 End-Of-School-Year Gift Ideas For Teachers

It’s that time of year – already. The kids are gearing down for the last couple of weeks of school. While they’re planning their summer, you’re wracking your brains trying to figure out exactly what you should get the kids’ teachers for a perfect end-of-year gift. If you’ve hit a wall with ideas, consider the following affordable gift ideas the kids’ teachers will appreciate.


If you’ve been keeping up with taking pictures of your child throughout the school year, you might want to consider making a scrapbook with all the memories over the past 10 months. It doesn’t have to be labor-intensive either. These days you have access to digital tools to make creating a scrapbook a breeze. Photos from class trips, class activities and science fairs are the ideal things to include.

Herb Garden

Instead of getting your child’s teacher the usual gift, give a summer herb garden instead! It’s functional and pretty, and definitely not something you’ll see being given out to everyone. If you don’t have time to sprout them yourselves, consider buying a few packets of seeds for various herbs, and place them in a decorative basket that the teacher can use to grow them. The entire thing should cost no more than $10 or $20!

School Supplies

Teachers often stock their inventory of school supplies themselves, so why not give them a head start for the upcoming school year! You could fill a pretty box or basket with pencils, markers, erasers, pads of paper, sticky notes, stickers, and anything else you can think of that would come in handy in the classroom.

Pampering Kit

Teachers have such an important job, and they’re usually so focused on the kids that they rarely give themselves any time to take care of themselves. Show them how much you appreciate them by giving your child’s teachers a pampering kit, filled with everything to take a load off and chill out. You can include items such as hand and body lotion, lip balm, body mist, a main-pedi kit, scented soap, massage roller, and bath oils.

Gift Basket

You’ll definitely make your child’s teacher’s day by giving a wonderfully wrapped gift basket! There are a variety of themes you can choose from, including chocolates, coffee and tea, gourmet cheese, and spa gifts! Whatever gift basket you choose, your child’s teacher will be sure to love it.

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