Tips to Planning the Perfect Spring Party

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome the new season than with a perfectly-planned spring party! It’s the season that brings the promise of fresh flowers, Easter, Mother’s Day, and of course, warmer weather! There’s no better reason to celebrate than that.

Whether you choose to have casual get-together with just a few friends or a big blow-out with everyone you can think of, there are certain activities that should be on your spring party prep list. Here are some tips to putting together a sensational spring party!

Send Out Invitations Early On

There’s no time to waste considering the fact that spring is literally just a few short weeks away. You can buy invitations already made from your local arts and crafts store, or you can make them yourself!

If you’re particularly crafty, consider adding photos of flowers or other greenery into the invitations, which matches the reason for the party. You can either take the photos yourself, or take them from clip art.

You may even choose to send out e-vites in order to save the paper and the price for postage! Just make sure to include all the details, including the date, time, and place!

Decorate According to the Theme

When setting up tables and chairs, make sure that they are the appropriate colours to go along with the theme. Bright and/or pastel colours are ideal here, which should be incorporated into the tablecloths, chair coverings, napkins, plates, cups, and decorations!

Decorate the tables with fresh flowers in vases, as well as small plants in terracotta planters. You might even want to hang flower baskets if the space permits!

Serve Spring-Inspired Foods

Food and drinks are obviously a must at any party, including a spring-inspired one. Fill your appetizer table full of yummy finger foods, including the following options:

* Frosted cupcakes
*Cheese quesadillas
*Mini pizzas
*Toasts and creamy dips
*Fresh fruit and vegetables
*Candy-coated almonds
*Bowls of candy
*Fresh punch (with or without your favourite alcoholic ingredient!)

Send Your Guests Home With Parting Gifts

Party guests love to end off a party with a wonderful parting gift given by the host. You have many options here, including small terracotta pots filled with candy, a single fresh flower, or even a spring gift basket! These will help ensure that each and every one of your guests will leave your spring party with a happy memory of the wonderful time they’ve enjoyed.

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