Tips to Keeping the True Meaning of Christmas in Your Gift Giving

The Holidays and Christmas are a wonderful time of year. It’s all about spending time with family, enjoying the beauty of a gentle snowfalls, and of course, receiving (and giving) holiday and Christmas gifts.

But it seems as though we’ve turned the art of Christmas gift giving into more of a chore than anything else. It’s almost as if we HAVE to give gifts, so we trudge over to the mall and blow obscene amounts of money with great hesitation just to fulfill a duty.

That’s not what gift giving is about, especially not at Christmas. Historically, the giving of Christmas gifts became a part of many Christmas traditions across the globe to honor the three wise men that brought baby Jesus gifts to celebrate his birth.

Even though the foundation of Christmas gifts extends to ancient times, this tradition that we are familiar with today is perhaps owes mostly to Victorian England. The Victorians would bring a renewed sense of warmth and spirit to Christmas each year. Charity and friendliness filled many hearts throughout the Christmas season, so giving gifts was just a natural act. The ultimate reason for gift giving was to extend an expression of kindness.

To keep this true meaning of Christmas when it comes time for giving gifts, keep the following simple tips in mind:

Consider the Recipient’s Tastes

Don’t just buy a random shirt or a pair of socks for everyone on your gift list. Sure, these items tend to be pretty common when it comes time to giving gifts, but not everyone will exactly like this idea. Instead, think about each person on your list, and consider their specific tastes. You might have a person who loves knitting, or who enjoys hunting. You may have someone who loves antiques or Shakespeare books. Giving something that speaks to the person’s tastes will make them feel as though you’ve given lots of thought into the gift.

Consider the Recipient’s Needs

Maybe your friend is in need of a new skillet, or your sister needs a new bed set for her bedroom. You can easily give a Christmas present and fulfill a desperate need all with one carefully-thought-out gift.

Give Something That Sparks a Sense of Nostalgia

Bring back some good memories with your Christmas gift. For instance, gather up all the photos you have of your first overnight trip with your BFF, and arrange them in a decorative photo album. Your friend will be delighted to see such a DIY gift that clearly took some time, thought and effort into making. It will be truly appreciated.

Give a Pleasant and Useful Gift Basket

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