The History Behind Godiva Chocolate: The World’s Best Chocolate

If you’re a chocolate lover, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Godiva Chocolatiers before. This world-renowned chocolate company makes some of the world’s most delectable and delicious chocolates. Not only do they satisfy the palette, they are also presented in such a stylish and sophisticated manner. They really are an incredible treat!

The History Behind Godiva Chocolate

How exactly did Godiva get started making some of the world’s greatest chocolate? The company was founded back in 1926 by Pierre Draps. He began making chocolates in Brussels, Belgium, to sell to local shops. Everyone who tried them loved them, so business was good.

Just after WWII, Pierre’s son Joseph took over the family business and carried on the legacy that his father had started. He decided to later open up his own shop, which is when he turned to his wife for suggestions on what to name it. It was she who coined the name ‘Godiva’, which has then stuck, and become famous all over the world. The name Godiva came from the legendary countess who protested high taxes by riding naked through Coventry, England.

The shop was a success, and over the next few years, many other shops were opened around Belgium. Joseph Draps not only knew how to do good business, he was also an excellent chocolate-maker. Under his guidance, the company built up the Godiva brand to become a leader in the premium chocolate industry through the use of innovative advertising and elegant packaging.

What Makes Godiva Chocolates So Tempting?

Whenever you put a piece of Godiva chocolate in your mouth, you’re tasting a unique Belgian chocolate recipe. You know it’s delicious, but how does it get that way? Well, it all starts with the cocoa beans, which are usually picked along the equator. The beans are sourced from the cocoa farmers, who cultivate the highest quality cocoa beans.

After harvesting, cocoa beans are then fermented and dried, then analyzed for quality. The next step is to create the cocoa liquor, which is the most important ingredient in chocolate. This is created by grinding the cocoa bean nibs into a fine liquid that’s made up of of cocoa butter and cocoa solids. Godiva chocolatiers grind these nibs into very fine particles.

The highest quality ingredients are then added to create specific flavours, including butter, heavy cream, nutmeats, hazelnut praline, real cherries and other fruits, and others. They are all natural, and never contain any food colouring or artificial flavours.

Godiva has a host of different recipes, all of which are scrumptious. The chocolates are then shaped and styled, giving them a distinct look.

There’s no doubt that Godiva makes some of the best chocolate in the world, if not THE best.

They also make a great gift, especially with the holidays just around the corner! But rather than just giving one box of Godiva chocolates, why not give a Godiva-inspired gift baskets filled with various chocolate from the infamous chocolate company!

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