The Etiquette of Tasteful Corporate Gift Giving

When it comes to giving corporate gift baskets, you want to make sure you’re following a certain etiquette so as to not offend or cross any unwanted boundaries. And with the upcoming holiday and New Year season upon us, you’ll want to get started finding out what you plan on giving at the office. There truly is an art to gift giving at the office – consider the following.

Level of Appropriateness

It’s important to take great care when considering the appropriateness of your gifts. This has little to do with the actual dollar value attached to the gift itself, and more to do with the type of relationship we’re talking about. If the individual is excessively businesslike, do not attempt to loosen the person up with your gift. With this type of relationship, it’s probably best not to get too personal or lavish, and keep things simple, neutral, and professional. For more information Etiquette gift giving go here


The most popular times for giving gifts are the holidays. However, experts in corporate gift giving understand that there are other times throughout the year that may have a more personal impact on the business relationship. For example, birthday presents are sure to impress, since the individual will know that you’ve taken the time out to learn a little something about them. Important dates are good occasions for a gift, such as the anniversary of the day they started in the business.


Heart-felt gifts are always the best – it’s pretty obvious when an effort was put into selecting and wrapping a gift. It’s wise to invest in good quality wrapping paper, and take time out to write a personal card. The presentation can actually be as important as the present itself, since the message being conveyed displays your level of sincerity and intentions. Fore more information Go Here


Customized corporate gift baskets keep the company name in the recipients’ minds for many businesses. When the corporate gift baskets are something of practical use, they will likely be utilized on a daily basis – such as calendars, tote bags, or coffee mugs. This is pretty much like free advertising for the company. Just make sure you don’t go so far as to be tacky, as these items could appear as obvious self-promotion items.

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