Spice Up Your Grilling Talent

When it comes to the summer months, there’s something to be said about a juicy steak on the grill. Not only does the smell itself evoke visions of hot weather and sunshine, but the taste is out of this world when it’s fresh off the BBQ.

Sometimes all that’s needed is a little salt an pepper for the steak to taste amazing. But other times, you might want to do something different to infuse some extra flavour to the meat that simple salt and pepper simply won’t be able to achieve. Luckily, many of our gift baskets here at come with all sorts of the best gourmet steak rubs and splice blends out there – perfect for adding to the meat on your grill!

The first thing you should do after you’ve bought the cut of steak that you buy is marinate before you eat it. Ideally, you should allow at a least a few hours for the steak to allow the marinaded or rub to really soak up and sink in so that all the wonderful flavours infused explode in your mouth after its been cooked.

With our gourmet Barbecue gift basket, you’ll get a number of rubs, including our coveted Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce that’s perfect for any cut of steak. Simply rub it on a few hours before you plan on grilling, and you’ll be sure to tempt the palate of everyone at your table. You can even use this sauce as a dip on its own.

If you know someone who loves meaty flavours, this really is a fantastic product. When you use it moderately, it’s awesome for anyone who loves grilling, and is looking to take their veggie and steak up a notch or two. Besides, some people need a little more incentive to get their veggies in!

In addition to the BBQ sauce, this gourmet basket features rubs for other foods too, such as chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, chicken, and even corn on the cob.

Nothing is more synonymous with summer than grilling on the BBQ. And with an arsenal of rubs on hand, you can really whip up a meal worthy of the Food Network. Better yet, you can send someone on your gift-giving list this gourmet BBQ gift basket and have THEM invite YOU over for a backyard barbecue instead!

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