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Some tips Refreshing Sparkling Wine Cocktail ideas

Some tips Refreshing Sparkling Wine Cocktail ideas

Here are tips how to put a unique and refreshing bevies to serve at your next backyard bash. Sparkling wine is the perfect ingredient to add to any classic summer cocktail thanks to its light and fruity flavor and texture.


First try Bellini, if you missing out. Quickly becoming a classic cocktail, this beverage is refreshing, with a bite! To make this concoction, mix half a glass of sparkling wine with 2 ounces of peach nectar or puree, for more in detail Some tips Sparkling Wine Cocktail ideas info go here

Sparkling Wine Mojito

If you love mojitos, then you’ll love this twist on a classic that uses sparkling wine instead. To make this drink, add 1 cup of mint leaves and lime wedges from 2 limes into a pitcher. More info Sparkling wine go here

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