The Perfect Gift for Bridal Showers: Gift Baskets!

Spring is here (though you wouldn’t know it with this still-frigid weather!), and that means bridal showers and weddings will be flooding in. This is the season for such festivities to take place – more often than most other times of the year. Bridal showers are very common, and are a wonderful way for the ladies to get together and enjoy each other’s company while having fun and showing support for the bride-to-be.

When it comes to the gift you bring to bridal showers, many brides make it easy for guests when it comes to gift-giving, and often register at a department store in order to help fill the couple’s home with everything they need. But in cases where there is no registry, a bridal gift basket can make the ideal gift!

At, we have a wide assortment of baskets that would make the perfect gift for a wedding shower. Our “Sweet Romance” basket, for instance, makes a great way to send the happy bride and her soon-to-be husband well-wishes. The basket comes with an assortment of gourmet candy, chocolates and cookies – a perfect way to symbolize the ‘sweet’ celebration that is to come.

Or else, you might choose to send the bride-to-be a spa-inspired gift basket, filled with all sorts of goodies to help bring the spa home! For instance, our “Crabtree & Evelyn Orange Retreat” gift basket includes treats such as Crabtree & Evelyn Orange bath gel, body lotion, hand lotion, bath slippers, sponges and puffs, and a body massager, all which comes in a lovely beige floral metal container!

In addition to giving a gift basket as a gift for the bride, you might instead want to use gift baskets as prizes for games that are typically played at bridal showers. Some of the more popular bridal shower games include classics like Toilet Paper Dress and Veil, Trivia Time, and many others. Bridesmaids work very hard to come up with some creative ideas for games to make the shower as enjoyable for guests as possible!

Guests will never hesitate to participate in these games, no matter how silly they are, simply because everyone loves to win a prize! Gift baskets make a fun and unique gift to give to game winners at any wedding shower. You can even tailor them to suit a specific wedding theme and colour.

With so many wonderful wedding and bridal shower themes these days, the traditional candles or hand soap as prizes are getting old. It’s time to introduce prizes that every guest will be sure to appreciate, including bridal gift baskets!

Special wedding shower-themed gift baskets are just the thing to add that characteristic flair to your next bridal shower event!

Go online and order your gift basket from today! We ship for FREE all across Canada, with delivery straight to your door!

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