Mother’s Day and How It Is Celebrated Around The World

Mother’s Day is a much-loved and celebrated day here in North America, with kids big and small showering their mothers with gifts and attention. But while it’s customary to treat Mom to breakfast in bed, brunch, or take her out to celebrate the day, others around the world might have a slightly different way to commemorate this day.

Here are some of the ways other nations around the world celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day in Britain

In England, the fourth Sunday of lent is marked off as “Mothering Day,” whereby children who worked outside the home as apprentices or servants were given the opportunity to visit their mothers once per year. Of course, this isn’t the case any longer, but the history behind the day can be traced to back in the day when children had much more responsibilities than they do today. These days, families take a day off the Lent to enjoy some “simnel” cake with their Mums.


Much like we do here in North America, the French celebrate Mother’s Day by enjoying a sit-down feast with their mothers. Whether it’s dinner, lunch or a brunch, the meal is often an elaborate one, marked with a variety of courses for all to indulge in.


Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in Germany, just as it is in North America. Rooted in WWII when the government would give special medals to mothers who had children in the military, Mother’s Day is a time when children shower their mothers with gifts and cards, and even take a load off Mom’s list of tasks by doing some chores around the house.


Before the big day, Japanese children make their mothers pictures in school to be brought home. Sometimes art contests are even held to determine who created the best portrait. Children typically help out with chores around the house to help their mothers, and even help prepare sushi meals.


Mother’s Day is directly associated with the harvest that occurs in May in Ethiopia. Mothers are seen as extremely important in this African nation, and as such, the celebration occurs over three days. A feast is prepared whereby boys are tasked with providing the meat, while the girls bring the vegetables, butter, spices, and milk. Mothers use these ingredients to prepare a festive meal.

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