Liven Up Your Canada Day Celebrations With These Party Ideas!

Every year, Canadians all over the country look forward to July 1st to commemorate Canada’s birthday. It’s hands-down one of the most anticipated long weekends of the year, and is the bonafide start to the summer!

If you’re planning a Canada’s Day party, keep some of these party ideas in mind to throw the most festive parties on the block!

Maple Leaf Cupcakes
The perfect way to greet your guests is to welcome them with a festive maple-leaf cupcake! All you need to do is get yourself a batch of vanilla cupcakes, cover them with red and white icing, then top them with miniature Canadian flags wrapped around toothpicks! They’re cute, and they’re delicious too!

Canada Flags
Drape your walls or outdoor fence with oversized Canadian flags for the perfect, classic way to decorate. By the end of the evening, you and your guests can each take one down, and wave them on the driveway or sidewalk to show your patriotism to the best country in the world!

Red Glow Sticks
If your Canada Day party will be taken from midday to midnight, glow sticks make the perfect party favour. They’ll help keep your backyard beautifully illuminated, and are a fun accessory to add to make everyone sparkle!

Of course, a backyard party wouldn’t be a party without a menu of yummy dishes! You can’t go wrong with your classic burgers, sausages, and maybe even some pork skewers! Serve up salads, roasted potatoes, bruschetta, and make sure to have a dessert as a treat. Perhaps a cake topped with a sparkler to wish the nation a Happy Birthday!

Along with the food should be a signature drink to serve all your guests. One great idea is to serve the refreshing and classic Bellini, which is essentially sparkling white wine and peach purée or nectar. To make it more Canadian, add a dose of grenadine to give the beverage that rosy red colour that perfectly suits the occasion.

Parting Gifts
When the party starts to wind down, hand out a parting gift to each one of your guests as a token of your appreciation for them all helping you to celebrate Canada’s birthday. One novel idea would be to bake sugar cookies in the shape of a maple leaf (of course!), topped with red and white icing, and a message of thanks for their company.

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