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Ideas For Gift Baskets

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. But a gift basket can be the ideal solution – just fill it with all the things that the gift recipient loves, and it’ll be sure to be a hit! Consider some of the following ideas.

Family Game Night Gift Basket

This is a great idea for a housewarming gift for a family, or any other occasion where there are kids involved. Create a gift basket that’s full of fun activities for the family. Instead of using a traditional basket, consider using a fabric bin that will comfortably fit all the games that you plan on including in the basket. Choose one or two large games, then include 3 or 4 smaller games, such as cards. Complete the basket with a few snack bags to go along with game nights.

New Baby Gift Basket

If you’ve got someone who’s just had a baby, help them get prepared for a new life in the home with a baby gift basket. There are tons of things you can include in the basket that would make great gifts. The basket itself can be pink or blue, depending on the gender of the new baby. You can even choose to use a small bath tub as the basket. Add big ticket items first, such as receiving blankets, cloths, or a pack of diapers. Add a variety of smaller items, such as diaper rash cream, bath soap, bottles, and pacifiers. Finish it off with a small stuffed animal or rubber duckie.

College Bound Gift Basket

Any young adult heading off to college will need a host of things to get them settled in their new home. Start off with a basket that they can actually use as decor, or even a laundry basket. Fill it with things like a towel set or laundry detergent. Fill in the gaps with smaller items, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hangers, and even toilet paper rolls!

Gift Baskets for Women

There are many themes you could choose for the lady in your life, such as the spa, wine, coffee, tea, baking, gardening, or book gift baskets. Choose a theme that fits the gift recipient. Among the more common gift basket ideas for women is the spa basket. For this idea, start with a basket that she can use to house her towels in the bathroom. Fill the basket with items such as body wash, sugar scrub, homemade soap, hand cream, body lotion, foot scrub, nail polish, toe separators and flip flops.

Gift Baskets for Men

Not sure what to get that special man in your life? There are a host of options for gift basket themes, such as BBQ, tools, coffee, beer, or game night. For a BBQ-inspired basket, start off with a metal ice bucket, then fill it with a grill spatula, a pair of tongs, BBQ sauces, beer, sodas, and snack bags. He can use the metal bucket to keep his drinks cold when he’s barbecuing.

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