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How to Put on the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and New Year’s! All of a sudden, we find ourselves nearing spring, and with the new season comes a new holiday: Easter. During this festive time, kids look forward to delectable chocolates and treats from the Easter Bunny. So for all you parents out there, keep the following tips in mind to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt for your kiddies – and maybe even your spouses!

Know the Easter Egg Hunters

Let’s face it: hunting for Easter eggs can be fun for just about any age group, including adults! But before you start planting your eggs, find out the exact age of the participants to help you figure out the ideal treats to put in the eggs. Knowing the age of the hunters will also help you determine how easy or hard to make it to find the eggs themselves. For younger kids, you’ll want to place the eggs in easy-to-reach spots, whereas older kids and adults will be able to handle more challenging hideouts.

Designate Boundaries For the Hunt

You don’t want all the participants to be overwhelmed with where they have to look for eggs, so be sure to designate a specific area where the hunt should take place. For instance, of you’re doing it in the backyard, be sure to let the participants know whether they should be extending their search to the side of the house and into the front yard, or if they should simply stick to the confines of the rear of the house.

Make a List of All of Your Hiding Places

It’s highly possible that you’ll forget where you hid all of those eggs yourself, especially if there are a large number of them and you’ve hidden them really well. It’s not uncommon for some eggs to get left behind, only to be found months later by accident!

Have Different Areas Marked Off For Different Age Groups

If the group of participants is a rather varied one, consider marking off certain areas, or even use colour codes to make it easier to manage the egg hunt. Older kids will obviously be faster and better at finding eggs, while the little ones may get left behind as the older ones snatch up the majority of the treats. Following a code can help ensure that the younger children get a fair chance at finding just as many egg as the older crowd.

Don’t Forget the Non-Hunt Participants!

While it’s nice to have the kids walk away with a basket full of goodies, why leave everyone else out? You can appease all of your guests by showering them with their own gifts, in the form of a gift basket from! End off your fun and festive Easter egg hunt party with the perfect Easter gift basket! Go online at and get yours in time for the Easter holiday!

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