Gift Ideas For the Next Engagement Party You’re Invited to

Going to engagement party? If so, do you have an idea of what to bring as a gift? If not, we’ve got some great ideas for you! Read on.

1. Wedding Planning Binder

Weddings take plenty of organizing and scheduling. It can be nearly impossible to keep everything in order and keep tabs on all the bookings and items that need to be reserved. From the venue, to the florist, to the decor, and so forth, having a planning binder can really help – and if you give one as a gift to the newly engaged couple, they’ll be sure to appreciate it!

2. Champagne Flutes

There’s no better occasion to celebrate than an engagement. And what better way to celebrate than the traditional way with some champagne and a couple of beautiful champagne flutes! Bring some elegance to the party with a nice set of flutes for the couple to do their first toasts with.

3. Bottle of Wine

If the engagement party is a casual one, consider bringing a bottle of their favourite wine. It’s a great way to extend your congratulations. Go the extra mile and get the bottle’s label personalized with the names of the couple and the future date of their wedding. It’ll make the perfect keepsake for their special engagement party!

4. Flower Bouquet

Flowers are synonymous with romance, so what better way to express your happiness for the couple and symbolize their love for one another than with a beautiful arrangement of roses and lichen moss. The flowers come already assembled by your florist so the presentation is virtually flawless. And with water tubes that come at the end of each stem, there’s no watering required!

5. Cutting Board and Kitchen Utensils

The new couple will need to do their own cooking once they’ve tied the knot and started their own family. Gift them with some of the utensils they’ll need for the kitchen, including a cutting board, knives and other cooking utensils. Make sure the board is decorative enough so that they can even leave it out on display along with the rest of their new monikers.

6. Crystal Vase

You can’t go wrong with this wedding classic – just about every couple could use a crystal vase in the house. And since the couple will most likely be getting plenty of flowers on their special day, they’re going to need a place to put them all once they get home!

7. Gift Basket

If the couple enjoys champagne or a good red or white wine, a gift basket can be just the thing to get them to celebrate their engagement. At, we have a plethora of gift baskets filled with some of the best wines the global vineyards have to offer. Visit today to order yours in time for the engagement party!

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