Gift Baskets Make Awesome Last-Minute Gifts

If you were invited to an event at the last minute and have no idea what to bring as a present, don’t panic. A gift basket makes the perfect gift! They’re fast and easy to get your hands on, and can accommodate any taste. Here are some items you can include in your gift basket to tailor it to the recipient’s tastes:

Bottle(s) of Wine

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? While you obviously wouldn’t want to give wine to someone who’s struggling with alcohol, or has a special food allergy or specific values, wine often makes a great gift.

You don’t have to spend $80 for a good bottle, but don’t but the cheap stuff either! Get your friend something you know they enjoy, whether it’s red or white, or whether it’s a specific brand they like. Giving them something that they like will show them that you pay attention to their tastes, which they’ll appreciate.

Gourmet Treats

Just about everyone loves scarfing down a bag of Lay’s chips or a few Dunkin’ Donuts, but when it comes time to gift giving, your treats should be a little more on the gourmet side. It definitely looks a lot better if you fill your gift basket with more sophisticated treats as opposed to things you’d see in your kid’s Halloween bag.

But you don’t necessarily have to forego chips or candies – just spruce them up a bit. For instance, chips dipped in chocolate make a nice gourmet treat, as do pretzels covered in yogurt (hardened, of course!). Use your imagination!

Candles, Lotions or Bath Salts

If your gift recipient is a lover of spa retreats, then bring the spa home to them! Fill your gift basket with things like scented candles, bath salts, and even moisturizing hand and body lotions. If you know that the recipient favours a certain scent (like fruity or fresh), make sure the items you include features these particular aroma.

If the recipient of your gift basket is a man, don’t fret! You can gear the items towards men, by filling it with things like after shave or candles with a more manly scent.

If you’re plum out of gift basket ideas, no worries. has all the gift basket ideas and predicts you could possibly need! Whether your gift is for Father’s Day, a birthday, or a baby shower, you’ll find it all at! Go online and order your gift basket today!

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