Fun 30th Birthday Theme Ideas

Planning a 30th birthday? Don’t just throw any birthday – you’ve got to add a theme to it for it to be over-the-top-fun! Here are some ideas to help spark your creative juices.

1. Disco Theme

Get out your favorite bell-bottoms, beaded necklaces and platform shoes! It’s time to get down to some disco! Download some of your favorite 70s tunes, decorate with disco balls and lava lamps, and encourage al the party-goers to dress the part! It’ll be a blast!

2. Luau Theme

This is especially great if you’re hosting a party outdoors, and even better if you have pool. Make sure to get enough lei’s and straw skirts for everyone, as well as some exotic flowers to put in there hair. Maybe the men can wear their favorite Hawaiian shirt (you know, the kind that they take on vacation with them that help distinguish them as ‘tourists’). Serve up tropical drinks in coconut shells, and maybe even hire a couple of dancers to liven the party up a bit!

3. Casino Theme

Get all the guests to dress up like the 1920s, and decorate your scene like a classic casino of the original gangster era. Play classic jazz music, hand out cigars, and even include a few playing tables, like blackjack or crabs.

4.Beach Party Theme

Calling all beach babes and surfer dudes! This theme is super fun, and starts with setting the scene. Consider getting in some sand (if that’s not too  messy for you), and decorate the background like a blue sky with birds. Consider getting sound sound effects that features crashing waves and birds chirping. Have a few surfboards laying around for decor. Of course, the music you choose will be on top of these sound effects! Everyone can dress like they’re heading to the beach.

What About Parting Gifts?

For all the guests who were gracious enough to play along with your theme and attend your party, don’t leave them empty handed! At, we have all sorts of gift baskets with different themes that would make the perfect gift for all your guests. They’ll certainly feel like royalty after enjoying a unique party AND leaving with a ‘loot’ bag too! Visit!

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