Join Our Drop Ship Program

Looking to expand your online profits? Then join our drop ship program!

As a leader in the gift basket niche, we make the perfect partner to team up with. Visit our Drop Ship section to view our collection of gifts, so we can take care of the inventory, packing and shipping – and you the handle the sales.

Our gift baskets are top-notch, which means selling to the public will be a cinch. With only the highest quality items included and the lowest prices on the market, attracting prospective clients and converting them to paying customers is simple!

Pricing Structure

Our retail prices are drastically lower than the competition because we wholesale our products for 20% less than the average retail price. For this reason, our drop shippers are at a big advantage over the competition. Not only that, but our drop shippers can enjoy 20% off our products!

Data Feed

We supply our drop shippers with a data feed of our entire inventory of products. That includes descriptions, photos, and prices. While we do encourage our drop shippers to come up with their own descriptions, we ask that they be completely accurate.

Submitting Orders

All orders must be placed via our online storefront. Drop shippers can set up an account with a username and password in order to gain access. Through this account, drop shippers can access a host of information, including order history, shipping addresses, and tracking information. At this point, drop shippers are given a discount code in order to receive the 20% discount.


We ship to all parts of Canada. Our ground shipping rates operate on a tiered system based on the price of the gift basket. For all other services, prices depend on the specific gift basket being shipped and the service required.

Order Fulfillment

We ship out our orders on the same day that they are received up to 3pm EST, after which drop shippers receive an email notification outlining the shipment has been completed and a tracking number is provided. Orders that are received after 3pm EST will be processed the next business day. Your company name and phone number are placed on the shipping label, with our address marked as a return address in order for us to receive returned goods and process refunds.

Our name is NOT placed on the labels or the gift baskets in order for the products to look as though they are being shipped directly from your store. Customer contact information is NEVER used to contact them for marketing.

The company name and phone number of our drop shippers are placed on gift cards. The information placed on these cards is totally automated, which is why it’s crucial that the accuracy of all information is ensured.

Customer Service

Our drop shippers have the distinct advantage of working with our skilled team of customer service representatives who will be happy to provide advice to ensure your business is an effective one.


Once an order is placed, we will charge your credit card.

Fill out our drop ship program application today!
*Drop ship partners are not authorized to sell on Amazon, eBay or other similar online retailers.