Don’t Make These Grilling Mistakes This Summer

Grilling might sound like a simple thing, but many times the cook tends to make a mistake here and there. Perhaps the burgers are charred, or the hot dogs are still pink inside. Whatever the case may be, there are some mistakes you should avoid wen grilling, and some factors you should consider.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid on the grill this summer:

Not Using a Thermometer

The only way to know accurately if your meat is perfectly cooked is to use a thermometer. Any meat thermometer will work well to capture the true internal temperature of whatever meat you’re grilling. Do yourself a favor and keep one handy near your BBQ so you have no excuse not to test the temperature of your meat.

Not Prepping Your Ingredients

Timing is everything when it comes to grilling. If you want your food to taste perfect, you need to keep a close eye on it. Many times things such as grease fires can happen in an instant, so you want to have the right items by your side so you don’t have to leave the grill unattended while you get your ingredients – which is the prime time for fires to happen.

Not Understanding Heat Management

You can’t just turn your BBQ on high then leave it for a few minutes expecting the temperature to stop once it’s reached a certain number. But you’ve also got to understand how the amount of heat on the grill works to evoke certain flavours in meats. Certain foods need direct heat, while others need to be slow-cooked. Understanding how certain food should be cooked is critical.

Using Crappy Utensils

Many times the perfect grill depends on the tools you’ve got in your arsenal. You need to make sure you are using utensils that can withstand the high heat of the grill without them being ruined – and without burning yourself. Long-handled grilling tools made of heat-resistant material will help you create an amazing grilled meal. They’re definitely worth the money!

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