The Most Delicious Beer and Food Pairings

We’ve all heard of the proper food and wine pairings, but what about beer? Would it be wrong if someone decided to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie with their favorite ale? Not necessarily, as it’s really up to personal taste. But there are certain foods that go particularly well with beer.

Consider the following pairings the next time sit down to enjoy your brew of choice.

Beer and Cheese

The infamous pairing of wine and cheese is known around the word, but did you know that cheese goes with other alcoholic beverages just as well as with wine – namely, beer? Wine has a keen way of covering up some of the flavours in cheese; on the other hand, the carbonation of beer helps to lift the fats of the cheese off of the palate and creates a lighter level of acidity. No matter how you take your cheese – be it straight up, on a sandwich, cracker, or even on pizza – cheese goes just as nicely with beer as it does with wine.

Beer and Chicken, Seafood, & Pasta

With foods such as chicken, fish, or pasta, the last thing you want to do is mask their delicious taste. As such, when pairing these dishes with beer, it’s important that you choose the right beer that won’t overpower these flavours. For this reason, a light beer is generally a better option in this case. Usually, German or Belgian beers make a good pairing with chicken, fish and pasta. Of course, if these dishes are draped in a heavy cream sauce, you can get away with a richer beer.

Beer and Burgers, Steak, & Roasted Meats

Everyone knows that beer and burgers are a classic treat, but beer also pairs quite well with other rich meats, such as steaks and roast beef. Dark, hearty beers such as brown ales are perfect for balancing bigger-flavoured meats. The trick here is to find a beer that matches the richness of the meat. Any robust beef should ideally include a beer that is bold and rich enough to handle roasted meat.

Beer and Chocolate

Beer doesn’t necessarily have to be enjoyed solely with main entrees. It goes just as well with desserts and treats, like chocolate. Lighter lagers offer a wonderful contrast to chocolate. Fruity beers, in particular, go rather well with chocolate. This pairing might not necessarily be something you may be used to, but the combination of flavours is something you absolutely must try.

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