Comforting a Friend at Their Time of Loss


When someone loses a loved one, often times it can be extremely difficult for friends to find the right words to say to that person. Many times the wrong words come out, unintentionally, or whatever words of encouragement can be construed as empty words. When a friend loses someone they love, we want to be able to offer them words that are comforting and meaningful. Just putting your name in a card sometimes isn’t enough.

Here are some suggestions to expressing your condolences in a way that doesn’t sound cliché.

Share a Beloved Story

Telling a story about the person who passed can be a great way to help keep their memory alive, while reminding your friend about just what a great person he or she was. It doesn’t have to be a long winded story, but rather one that has a unique trait to it, and perhaps one that your friend may not have known about.

For instance, you might share a story about a time when the dearly departed taught you how to ride a bike, or was there for you when you had a tiff with your friend. These are simple yet precious things about the person that will make your friend feel as though their loved one was truly special.

Offer a Positive Expression

Sometimes it helps to repeat a positive affirmation that has deep meaning to it. These can be both personal and encouraging, and help your friend see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many times people feel a sense of guilt after a loved one passes, such as not spending enough time with them, or getting into an argument with them shortly before their death.

You can write to your friend about how such guilt isn’t necessary. The goal is to make your friend feel as though the person who died was lucky to have your friend in his or her life.

Be Specific With Your Support

People have good intentions when they say “If there’s anything I can do. . . ,“ but what does that really mean? Instead, be specific with your support. Offer your friend to have dinner brought over a few times a week, or offer to take them out to lunch on a specific day to get their mind off of things. Find your own words to show that you care.

Offer a Gift

Sometimes words aren’t even necessary. You could show how much you care and how you’re thinking about your friend by sending them a sympathy gift basket. Not only are these gifts beautifully wrapped and visually appealing, they also contain many wonderful items that will help bring some cheer into your friend’s life. Visit to order your sympathy gift basket today.

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