Your Checklist For Throwing the Perfect Backyard BBQ

The weather is starting to turn in our favour as the spring season nears its second half, and the summer is just around the corner. And with the warmer weather typically comes many BBQ’s to enjoy with friends, family, and neighbours.

If you haven’t yet thrown your first BBQ of the season yet, you’ll likely be in the midst of planning it. If so, here are some pointers and tips to ensure your backyard bash is a success!

Do a Potluck

If you happen to have a last-minute gathering, there’s nothing wrong with doing it potluck style. Send out a short and sweet notification about a gathering you plan on having on the weekend, and kindly request that everyone bring a dish to help contribute. Make sure everyone is given a specific type of item to bring, or else you’ll be stuck with 10 bowls of potato salad!

Go With Easy Recipes, With a Twist!

When it comes to BBQ meals, there are certain dishes that are staples and are expected. Of course, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got the meat to grill. But other than that, make sure that the foods you plan on cooking are easy to prepare and cook, since you don’t want to be spending the entire time in front of the barbecue. Limit your shopping list to the classics, and consider adding a twist in flavour to each so they look like you put in more effort!

Make Beautiful Bevies

While the food you serve is certainly an important part of the BBQ, so are the drinks! Whether they’re alcoholic or not, you can still serve up pretty, picture-perfect drinks that everyone will love to drink as much as they do to look at! In addition to stocking your cooler with beer, wine, water and juice, whip up a pitcher of the signature drink of your choice. Whether it’s Sangria, strawberry margueritas, or Bellinis, you’ll be sure to please everyone’s summery palette!

Remember the Dessert!

Every party should include a dessert, no matter how simple or fancy you choose to go. From something as elaborate as chocolate fondue to something as simple as banana splits, desserts offer the perfect accompaniment to a delectable meal. Make sure to choose one that requires minimal clean-up so you can continue mingling with your buddies without wasting too much time with chores!

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