Any Bride Will Love These Wedding Gifts

With wedding season in full swing, you’ve probably gotten an invitation or two. After RSVPing to the wedding reception, now’s the time to start thinking about what exactly you’ll be getting the bride as a wedding present rather than going the typical registry route.

Here are a few suggestions.

A Subscription

The couple will most certainly appreciate the gift of a subscription, especially to a club that they would get a lot of use out of. For instance, if you know that the bride is totally into foreign wines, consider getting her a subscription to a “wine of the month” club that focuses specifically on the types of wines she likes from specific countries. You can do the same if she’s got different interests, including gourmet foods, beauty products, health foods, home products, and so forth. This is a gift that will definitely put a smile on the bride’s face!

A Gift That Represents Your Friendship

Every friendship has something special and unique about it. When it comes to you and the bride, and the friendship that you share, give her a gift that truly and accurately reflects it. Presents such as engraved photo frames, customized scrapbooks, and little trinkets that represent your true friendship are all wonderful ideas. You might even consider making them yourself for a real from-the-heart gift!

A Gift Card

There are probably a lot of things that the bride and groom are going to need to start their life together, including tons of things for the home. Whether it’s cutlery, garden tools, furniture or plants to fill the home, all these things take money – and a lot of it. Gift cards can always come in handy. Rather than give cash, a gift card still upholds a certain gift trait that can be applied against anything the gift recipient likes. Whether you get the gift card from a home improvement store, furniture store, or garden center, a gift card can go a long way for a newly married couple.

A Gift Basket

The bride is likely a good friend of yours, and as such, you probably have a very good idea of what she likes. Armed with this information, you can give her a gift basket filled with all the things she loves. From spa products, to gourmet cheeses, to cookies and chocolates, to wines of the world, there are all sorts of wedding gift baskets you could give to the bride and her new husband.

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