5 Ways to Maintain Your Long-Distance Friendship

Being separated from a friend is never fun, especially if you’ve been living in the same city or community for your entire lives. Whether you’ve moved away for college, or your friend relocated for work, there are still plenty of ways to maintain your long-distance friendship.

Text as much as possible

This shouldn’t be hard, especially given how hooked we’ve all become to our mobile devices. Keep your old texting habits intact from before you were separated. Don’t be afraid to constantly send texts about the smallest, most mundane things in life. The connection needs to keep up, and updating each other on the smallest details is a great way to remain connected.

Use Skype

Using Skype is the next best thing to seeing each other in person. Why not use this innovative online tool to help feel a lot much closer than regular phone calls? Perhaps you could take things a step further and turn it into somewhat of a sharing of an activity. Rent the same movie, or read the same book, then connect on Skype to talk about it. Maybe even cook the same meal and eat it at the same time while on Skype. Use your imagination!

Plan a trip

Whether you plan a trip out there, or your friend plans a trip to see you, there’s really nothing that can substitute seeing friends in person. Or better yet, why not plan a vacation where you meet up somewhere fun or exotic? That way you can reunite with your friend AND go on a holiday at the same time!

Send mail the old-fashioned way

Remember the good ol’ days when mailed was written on paper and sent through the postal service? Why not rekindle the spirit of decades ago and become pen pals again! Sending mail to each other can really reignite the flame if you’re feeling especially disconnected. There’s nothing like opening the mailbox and seeing mail from a loved one!

Send a thoughtful gift basket

Show your friend how much you miss her and care for her, and send her a delightful gift basket filled with all the things she loves. Whether it’s wine, cheese, cookies, chocolate or coffee, there are plenty of baskets you can choose from. At, we professionally wrap our gift baskets, and deliver them anywhere across Canada! Order your long-distance friend a beautiful gift basket from today!

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