5 Tips For the Right Timing and Etiquette of Gift Giving

If you want to make your gift giving experience as meaningful and morale as possible, you need to consider more than just the actual gift – you should be considering timing and etiquette as well.

Consider the following 5 tips about making the most out of your gift giving.

#1 Send Your Gift Early

The last thing you want to do is be late with your gift giving. You wouldn’t want to give someone their Christmas present on New Year’s Day, nor a birthday present a week after the special day. Make sure to account for any delivery time as well to make sure the gift gets there on time.

#2 Decide if You’re Presenting the Gift in Person or Having it Delivered

Many times bringing the gift in person is a nice gesture, and demonstrates sincere appreciation. Of course, there will be many times where bringing the gift personally is not possible. In these cases, there’s nothing wrong with having your gift delivered for you. CanadasGiftBaskets.ca delivers all of our gift baskets all across Canada for FREE!

#3 Identify if the Gift is for a Group or One Person

Obviously, the number of people who will be receiving your gift will have some bearing on what you give. Gifts for groups should be easy to share, and not by having to divvy up unopened chocolates or candies. The ideal group gift will allow everyone to enjoy their treats without having to take a knife to them to split them accordingly.

#4 Consider the Recipient’s Diet Restrictions

If you’re planning gone giving the gift of food in the form of a fruit basket or cheese platter, for instance, it’s nice to know if the person you are giving a gift to has any food allergies or sensitivities, or even if they are on a special diet. When you’re choosing presents for people with known diet restrictions, it shows the recipient that you are thoughtful and considerate.

At CanadasGiftBaskets.ca, we have gift baskets include Vegan and Gluten-Free versions that are both indulgent and cater to strict diets.

#5 Determine if it’s Appropriate to Give Alcohol

Plenty of people enjoy a nice bottle of wine, especially vintage wines. Alcohol can be an ideal gift, but it depends on the occasion and the person you’re giving it to. For instance, alcohol may not necessarily be the best idea if you’re giving a corporate gift. The last thing you want to do is insult your colleague, especially if they are non-drinkers. Consider the person’s religion, family history, personal preference, and if they even suffer from alcoholism or addiction.

Give a Gift Basket!

One of the best gift you can give is a personalized gift basket! By filling it with the things that your recipient loves, it’ll be sure to be a hit. Check out our online catalogue of gift baskets at CanadasGiftBaskets.ca today!

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