5 Lesser-Known Things to Add to Your Favourite Cup of Coffee

While many coffee drinkers like their coffee black, or loaded with cream and sugar, there’re plenty of other ingredients you can add to your favourite cup of coffee to make it taste unique and delicious.

Here are 5 lesser-known things you can add to coffee that you may not have thought of before.

1. Alcohol

While this might not exactly be a good idea first thing in the morning, adding a shot or two of booze can be a great treat after dinner. In actual fact, adding alcohol is nothing new – Irish coffee is a classic, for instance. Whether you add Bailey’s, vodka or Grand Marnier to your cup o’ joe, there’s no denying that ‘spiked’ coffee will definitely tweak on your traditional beverage!

2. Cinnamon

Instead of your traditional cream and sugar, consider swapping these ingredients for cinnamon. This can not only save you a few calories, but it can also make the drink healthier. For instance, cinnamon is known to have benefits such as boosting the immune system. You can even brew the coffee with a cinnamon stick.

3. Vanilla Extract

Rather than counting on flavoured creamers and sugar to sweeten your cup of coffee, consider using vanilla extract instead. It only takes a few drops of this ingredient to flavour your cup. Or else, you can also try almond extract for a different flavour.

4. Egg

If your ancestry goes back to Nordic countries, you may have heard about adding an egg to your coffee. Why do the Nordics add an egg, you ask? The reasoning behind it is that it clarifies the coffee, and leaves a perfectly coloured beverage void of any sediment.

5. Butter

Seriously? Butter? Well, health experts swear by adding butter to the traditional morning drink. The idea was inspired by Tibetan yak butter tea, which involves adding butter to coffee to help boost energy. Many even use it to replace breakfast. – Your Source For Coffee-Inspired Gift Baskets

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