4 Ways to Make Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Even Better!

Who doesn’t love freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, hot out of the oven! But instead of making the usual recipe, take things up a notch and tweak your recipe for the most delectable batch of chocolate chip cookies you’ve ever tasted!

1. Add Cocoa Powder

Who doesn’t love a little bit of extra chocolate? There’s just no such thing as too much of it. A simple little twist to a classic recipe is to add some cocoa powder into the batter before popping the cookies into the oven. You might even want to add some ground coffee to the flour as well to give the cookies a little bit of a mocha flavour that will make the chocolate chips taste even richer. Why not add both cocoa powder and coffee grounds for the ultimate decadent chocolate chip cookies!

2. Use Better-Quality Chocolate Chips

Forget about buying the no-name brand of chocolate chips. Instead, go for the higher quality chips that are filled with a lot more flavour and texture. You can even opt to use broken up chocolate bars instead of chocolate chips – this way, you can pick your favourite chocolate brand and include it into your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe. The extra flavour boost will definitely be noticeable!

3. Use Room-Temperature Butter

The success of your batter depends a lot on the way your butter and sugar are blended together. Mixing these two ingredients is a lot easier and results in a much better mixture when you use soft butter as opposed to hard butter straight from the fridge. Either melt the butter before mixing it with the sugar, or leave it out for about an hour before you start baking so it’s softened on its own.

4. Don’t Over Mix the Dough

The goal with chocolate chip cookie dough is to mix everything just enough, and not any more. As long as all the ingredients are evenly distributed, you’re good to go. Mixing too much will cause the gluten in the flour to be activated too much, which will make the cookies harder and denser. Instead, not over mixing the dough will result in cookies that are chewy in texture.

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