4 Surprising Facts About Christmas

To many of us here in North America, Christmas is about sharing time with family and friends, exchanging gifts as a token of our appreciation for one another, and celebrating the birth of Christ.

And while we may be used to the Christmas trees, eggnog, and Santa, you probably didn’t know about any of these facts about Christmas!

1. The Song “Jingle Bells” Was Actually Written For Thanksgiving

One of the most popular Christmas songs of all times is “Jingle Bells,” but did you know that it was actually written for a Thanksgiving Sunday school program? The tune was originally named “One Horse Open Sleigh,” and was written by James Pierpont in the mid 1850’s. Pierpont was working as an organist at the time the song was written. While the song was supposed to be meant for that Thanksgiving program, he later released it under a new title, “Jingle Bells.”

2. Mistletoe Was Used By Young Girls to Find Out if Their Marriage Would Be a Happy One

In England, there used to be a custom long ago where young girls would take the leaf of a mistletoe and place it under their pillows at night. Then they would have a dream about a specific boy that they would someday marry. The morning after, the leaf would be burned. If, while burning, the leaf crackles, it means their marriage would be an unhappy one. No crackling means a happy marriage.

3. Iceland Has 13 Santas

Not one, but 13 Santas ‘exist’ in Iceland, and they’re not exactly the jolly old man that we are used to. Instead, these Santas are depicted as the sons of two children-eating trolls! Knowns as “Jolasveinar,” these Christmas boys are the sons of Gryla and Leppaludi who would eat children who were naughty throughout the year. These boys eventually toned down their behavior, and would then be responsible for being mischievous, by means of stealing presents, soiling clothes, and so on.

4. Many Christmas Songs Were Actually Written By a Jewish Man

Jewish people are not known for celebrating Christmas; rather, they celebrate Hanukkah around the same time that Christians celebrate the birth of Christ. But one Jewish man in particular, Johnny Marks, contributed popular songs, including “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” A Holly Jolly Christmas,” and many others.

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