4 Fun Things to Do With Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for you to spend some valuable time with Mom, so why not come up with an idea that’ll have the both of you having a great time on this special day? If you’re scrambling to come up with ideas on how to have fun with your Mom on Mother’s Day, consider the following ideas:

Go For a Picnic

Instead of going to a restaurant or having dinner at home on Mother’s Day, why not take your meal to the great outdoors instead? Go to the park, by the lake, or even have it in your own backyard! The only thing you need is a good spot, good food, and each other’s company. She’ll love it!

Enjoy High Tea in the Afternoon

If your Mom enjoys the finer things in life, why not take her to high tea, British style? This is a great, enjoyable activity for Mother’s Day. If you don’t have any of these options around where you live, you can have a makeshift high tea at home. Break open the fine china, serve little sandwiches and biscuits, and even get dressed up to round off the perfect afternoon.

Enjoy the Day at the Spa

What woman wouldn’t enjoy being pampered at a spa? Take your Mom to your local spa and indulge in some of the most invigorating, relaxing treatments, such as a massage, facial, or mani-pedi. You can get your treatments side-by-side as you chat and reminisce – it’s a real girlie girl thing to do. And, you’ll walk out with a clear complexion and fancied-up fingernails and toes too!

Go See a Show

Whether it’s a classic play at the theatre downtown, or the latest romantic comedy film, going to see a show with your Mom is another idea you might want to entertain. Odds are, your Mom is always too busy to go take in a show. Mother’s Day is the ideal time to treat her to something she rarely gets to do!

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