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4 Fun Facts About Coffee You Probably Never Knew

Coffee might be the first thing that you need as soon as you wake up, but its caffeine content isn’t the only fact about this popular beverage. Check out the following fun facts about coffee that you probably didn’t know.

1. You can have a “coffee spa” in Japan

Did you know that it’s possible to submerse yourself in coffee? That’s right! The Yunessun spa resort in Hakone, Japan actually features spas where patrons can actually bathe in all sorts of liquids, including wine, green tea, chocolate, sake and coffee. For about 27 US dollars, you can have coffee poured on you, then head to the ramen bath to swim among the Japanese noodles!

2. George Washington was behind the invention of instant coffee

Even though the first instant coffee recipe involving the addition of hot water came out in 1901 by Satori Kato in Chicago, the person who was really behind the first mass-produced instant coffee product was none other then the first president of the United States – George Washington! He even had a name for his first brand: “Red E Coffee.” Even though it wasn’t the best tasting coffee according to those who tried it, the instant coffee was given to American soldiers in World War I who actually appreciated it.

3. A coffee house on Wall Street was the original New York Stock Exchange

Before setting up roots at 40 Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange was actually located at a coffee house on the corner of Water St and Wall St. Known as the ‘Tontine Coffee House’, this real coffee shop opened its doors in 1794, and ended up burning down in a fire in 1835. The shop was a popular meeting spot for brokers, traders, merchants and underwriters who would gather to buy, sell, and insure. This coffee house was the epicentre of trading until 1817 when the exchange moved to its present location.

4. Consuming coffee might help keep your liver safe from the effects of alcohol

Studies suggest that drinking alcohol can reduce the risk of developing alcohol-related diseases, including cirrhosis. One study actually suggested that one cup of coffee can reduce the chances of reducing cirrhosis by up to 22%. Another study found that coffee consumption can lower the chances of developing liver cancer by as much as 40%.

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