3 Ways to Preserve Your Fruit

There are tons of awesome things about summer – the heat, the sunshine, the time off work – but one of the best things about summer is the fresh fruit! Especially the kind that grows locally.

Some of the typical fresh summer fruit you’ll find are peaches, oranges, berries and apricots. And if you’ve got your own fruit trees or bushes in your yard, you have the benefit of enjoying this fruit at your disposal!

However, many times this fruit tends to grow in all in one shot, which means you either have to eat it all up yourself, or hand some out to the neighbours so that the fruit doesn’t go to waste.

But what if you just can’t keep up with all this fruit-eating?

Simple – here are 3 ways to preserve your fresh summer fruits:

1. Make Jam

Homemade jam is a delicacy, and unlike jelly (which is made with juice), jams are made with whole fruit. To make jam using your favorite summer fruit, wash the fruit, then cut it up into small pieces. One cup of fruit will require 3/4 cup of sugar. Put the fruit and water in a saucepan and heat it up until it boils. Then set on low and simmer for about 15 minutes. Transfer the mixture into clean mason jars and seal it. Be sure to keep the jam in a cool dark room.

2. Dry the Fruit

Drying your own fruit will give you delicious, flavourful treats, since you’re drying it when the fruit is at hits peak. One of the easiest ways to dry fruit is to use a fruit dehydrator. But if you don’t one, you can dry the fruit in the oven, or even on a window sill to let the sun do its job naturally.

3. Freeze the Fruit

One of the easiest ways to deal with too much fresh fruit is to simply freeze it. Not only will this lock in the flavor, it will also preserve the fruit’s nutritional content. Be sure to wash and blanch the fruit in boiling water first, then immediately place it in ice water. Remove the fruit from the water and immediately transfer it to a freeze-safe bag, then place it in the freezer right away.

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