3 Common Questions About Giving Office Gifts – Answered

Giving office gifts can be a tricky venture. Do you give a gift, or not? If so, what occasions warrant a present? And what type of gift is appropriate or not?

Here are some of the most common questions asked about gift-giving at the office – answered.

1. Should I chip into the office gifts group for the boss, or should I go solo?

You don’t ever have to feel pressured to be a part of a group gift if you don’t want to. Perhaps the gift everyone is pitching in for is something you wouldn’t have chosen yourself, or maybe the amount of money that they are requesting is way too much (or even too little) than what you had in mind. It’s reasonable and totally OK to say, “I’m sorry, but I won’t be participating this year,” or “My budget simply doesn’t allow for this choice in a gift.”

Odds are good that at least some of employees will even be relieved by your response. It’s not necessary to go overboard with the cost of a gift for the boss. Instead, even a few dollars chipped in by you and a couple of co-workers can get a lovely corporate gift basket that’s affordable, appropriate, and absolutely delightful.

2. What about giving gifts to fellow co-workers?

Not every office handles the gift giving process for co-workers the same. Certain offices might not even exchange gifts at all. Others might do a “Secret Santa” gift exchange idea.

Regardless of how your specific office handles gift giving to co-workers, it’s important not to drum up obligations for co-workers who might not necessarily have the budget (nor the desire) to do the same. Savvy offices create ways to offer outlets for gift-giving needs while keeping them somewhat restricted. For instance, you might have a rule where people are only allowed to bring a single gift, or you might have a rule of spending no more than $10 each.

Should you choose to give gifts to co-workers, keep in mind that food products are usually a lot more appreciated and more affordable than pricier goods from the mall that don’t have much meaning. That’s why a corporate gift basket filled with goodies from CanadasGiftBaskets.ca makes such a great gift for co-workers and others at the office!

1. Do I really have to give a gift to my employer?

Absolutely not. But just keep in mind that there will be people in the office who will definitely be known for gift-giving, so try not to compare or compete yourself with them. In addition, make sure you’re consistent. It might throw your boss off if you give a gift this year, then nothing the next. He or she may expect something if you’ve started a gift-giving trend.

One thing is for certain – if you do decide to give your boss gifts at Christmas or other occasions, a corporate gift basket from CanadasGiftBaskets.ca is probably the most neutral, affordable and appreciated gift you can give.

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